Kind Words From Our Clients

Thank you to all of our AMAZING clients for your support and kind feedback! Please do not hesitate to contact me  at with any feedback and suggestions. We strive to make your experience with us nothing short of extraordinary. Wishing you all a beautiful and joyful day!- Nona G.

Haley L- NOV. 2016

Y'all, Nona is incredible.
I've always wanted to try Pilates, but was intimidated by both the price and my lack of coordination. I've been a swimmer my whole life, and love a good stretchy yoga class, but realized that I was kidding myself when I believed I was doing well enough in my work out habits. 
Two days after getting engaged, I decided this was my perfect kick in the pants to finally try private pilates sessions (#bridalbootcamp). After perusing through websites of local Pilates instructors, Nona seemed great.
And y'all, SHE IS.
She is such a warm, compassionate person who genuinely loves what she does. But don't let that fool you - she is the toughest personal trainer I've ever had. For being so tiny and cute, she is terrifyingly creative with the equipment and makes any swim workout I did back in the day seem like elderly aerobics. However, don't let that intensity deter you - as someone who hates group classes ("Seriously? It's only been three minutes?"), gets bored with anything but swimming, and can come up with an impressively diverse list of excuses to miss a workout, I love love LOVE my weekly sessions with Nona (I even convinced my mom to do duet sessions with me so that I could afford going twice a week). That said, even though at one point the price seemed steep, I now consider it worth every penny - it is an hour of one-on-one, incredibly personalized training. The hour flies by, I'm grinning ear to ear by the end, and I always struggle to walk down her stairs after. 
While swimming has been my cardio of choice, Pilates by Nona is now my nonnegotiable strength training. In the nine sessions I've seen her, I can already feel SUCH a difference in my body. I actually see noticeable tone, which motivates me to keep going back. And - random tidbit that I feel is important to note - because I'm feeling so excited about the change, I find myself incorporating more healthy habits like salads, smoothies, and water. Which is HUGE for this picky eater.
You HAVE to see Nona. Just don't take my slot on Wednesdays.

Veronica G- Nov. 2015

I absolutely love having Nona as my Pilates instructor. She delivers great training sessions that challenge you every time. She is always paying a lot of attention to your posture and your moves making the right suggestions and also making sure that you wouldn't hurt yourself. But most of all, Nona is a great and fun person to be around with. She genuinely cares for you and your well-being beyond the Pilates class. I fell very fortunate that I found her.

Naghmeh S- Nov. 2015

I have been taking Nona's Reformer Classes since a year. I suffered from a hip injury when I started Pilates. She worked with me to make my core stronger and more balanced so I don't feel my weight on my hips. She does not compromise on your workout because you have an injury. She alters the steps so you have a great workout and not hurt yourself. She is very friendly with a great sense of humor. I look forward to my sessions with Nona. She is the best instructor I have encountered. 

Veda H- Nov. 2015

What a gem, both Nona and her beautiful new studio in downtown Round Rock!!!! Nona is an awesome instructor. The first thing she asks is 'how's the body feeling'. It's good to know that she takes that into consideration when determining how she's going to challenge you that day, and challenge you she will! She keeps the workouts different so you aren't bored, and makes them challenging so you don't get lazy........not that she would let you be lazy. I've taken privates and duets, but look forward to the classes that she puts together. I highly recommend Pilates by Nona, and you will too, after you take your first class!

Erin B- Jul. 2015

YES! This is the place you want for your personalized Pilates sessions in Round Rock. Especially if you're a beginner! A lot of people may think you need to be an advanced student to use Pilates equipment, but in my experience, the equipment helps me to achieve movements I wouldn't be able to do otherwise. Pilates helps to fine-tune everything from your tiniest foot muscles to your deep inner core & postural muscles. I especially love Pilates for the body awareness it builds - it takes quite a bit of focus to move in complex ways. Having a trainer there to help align things is something I don't get in the mat classes at the gym.
Nona has been training me since May 2015. I came in as a beginner with little experience on the equipment. She takes the mystery and intimidation out of it all. Her extensive knowledge and style of teaching classical methods, her attentiveness, quick mind, and friendliness have made me a client for life. She has so much energy!
She will customize every session to your needs. One week, at the end of the school year, my back and shoulders were sore from moving my classroom furniture, so she adapted the session to increase flexibility and range of motion along the muscles of my spine using the foam roller before we began the work on the Reformer.
It's clear Nona enjoys Pilates as a part of her own lifestyle, and truly thrives on sharing it with others. She is great with people, and can help get you the results you're looking for. I know the team she draws is fantastic too!

Linda B- Jul. 2015

I am SO very happy to have found... Pilates in Round Rock, and THRILLED to be working with Nona! I am a walker and love practicing yoga, but felt like I needed an additional type of exercise to gain strength, especially for my core (I have had lower back and neck issues that were worsening). Now that I am in my late 40s, I have notices that it is much more difficult to stay in shape. I wasn't sure what to expect during my first meeting with Nona, but I am so happy with how I am feeling after only 4 Reformed sessions with her! My lower back and core feel much stronger, and my posture and energy levels have improved. I have my own personal coach to teach and assist me, and to cheer me on as I work harder than ever! She is always kind, considerate, and super-positive, which motivates me to push myself. I have to be careful with my neck and back, and she is so sweet about making accommodations for me. Nona is an absolute JOY to work with!

Ashley H- Jun. 2015

Nona is amazing! I've done yoga for years but was never able to do some of the poses due to lower back pain. Just a few classes with Nona, strengthening my core, and I'm able to do everything! Such a great workout and a wonderful person to do it with. She's always very encouraging and upbeat. I always get a challenging, fun, and results driven workout with her!

Kelly D- Jun. 2015

I would highly recommend Nona as a coach for Pilates! Not only did she transform my body prior to my wedding day, but she has a caring, nurturing, loving soul & is extremely passionate about Pilates too. She also went the extra mile with me when I needed flexibility with my hectic schedule! I only wish you were in Westlake already!